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July - August submissions

Here you will find the accepted contributions to the digital photography tutorials page, from July to August 2008.

There were a lot of submissions recently and Ed has been kept extremely busy. But he likes it that way!

So if you have a photo that you would like "Ed." to run his critical eye over, please contribute here

help me  starstarstarstarstar
Please tell me how to get more depth from this picture.

I use Picasa and can only get it here

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rain columns  starstarstarstarstar
just thought it was interesting camera is a Casio 4 meg compact just got my new Sony a300 can't wait to test it out.

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A DIFFERENT VIEW  starstarstarstarstar
I have taken a normal everyday dandelion and negated the colors to opposite in a B&W setting. It gives the dandelion a whole new way of looking at this ...

Sunset in San Diego  starstarstarstarstar
I wanted to capture the reflection of the sun in the hotel and the reflection of the hotel in the water.

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wedding1  starstarstarstarstar
Just a little bit of whimsy...

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Dan doesn't say if he was the official photographer ...

Sea Gull Landing  Not rated yet
The beauty and grace of the bird as it soared through the air was like "poetry in motion", and this is what I was attempting to capture when I took the ...

The Storm  Not rated yet
The colors and clouds detail.

(For convenience, all links below open in new windows) That's one impressive cloud!

Nature is incredible in many ...

Grasshopper  Not rated yet
I liked the lines of this photo. I liked the graphic nature of the diagonal lines.

This is a interesting shot.

Not only is this a nice close ...

Garden of Eden  Not rated yet
I took this photo on a recent trip to Maui. I was trying to capture all of the colors in the scene along with the feeling of looking down a pathway to ...

Santan  Not rated yet
I just want to capture in still one of the most common flowers here in the Philippines and try to bring out the beauty of it in its simplicity.

(For ...

Summertime View  Not rated yet

This was taken, and when I downloaded it onto my computer, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I thought it turned out. It was not taken with a tri-...

Sneakin' Up  Not rated yet
This is my beautiful pup, Tonka Toy, a purebred Chow Chow. He is my everything ! (even a good model).

I was trying to get in close to show his facial ...

lonely duck  Not rated yet
I have just started photography and struggle to tell what issues make a picture good, brilliant or indifferent.

Looking forward to some comments so ...

The Pitch  Not rated yet
Karin Baker

This is a picture of my son pitching at a Legion baseball game. I was
sitting behind the backstop net in the bleachers.

The photo has ...

Sunset up north  Not rated yet
Got this pic when I was way up at Turnor Lake, Sk, last X-Mass...

Think it looks good.. Saskatchewan usually has some awesome sunsets.. This was one ...

When my guitar gently leaps !  Not rated yet
Was trying out different angles and diff settings on my new canon 40d... this is one of my fav pics..

How may I have improved it ?...


(For ...

Bright Pink   Not rated yet
Came across this pot of bright pink flowers, while walking along a street in Calgary.

My Canon 40d came in quite handy.. The light in the area was ...

Circular  Not rated yet
A photography experiment, this is the capture of water movement, Colored Glass and light.

I think the outcome is unique for sure... It has a lot to ...

In Greece  Not rated yet
Standing on a mountain among ruins. I just wanted to capture the two things together.

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Ancient ...

baton rouge at night  Not rated yet
I was playing with my Christmas present at work one night and took this.

I like the streak of the car lights, but was pleased with the whole picture....

Bw Tree  Not rated yet
New to this and was trying to get a grainy feel to an old dead tree.

Did it in B& W because it was in the middle of the afternoon and the light was ...

Mount Annapurna  Not rated yet
This photo was taken on the way trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp.

I liked the crow on the trees branch with Annapurna at back drop. The clear view ...

The beauty of wet light  Not rated yet
I was hoping to capture the rainbow but the shed also at a creative angle.

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Interesting ...

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