Which of these photography ideas will keep you snapping away happily?

Stuck for photography ideas? Digital photography is great - lets you experiment freely! But what happens when you've photographed everything you can think of?
We've all been there, taken thousands of photos, have a hard drive full of snapshots, and then ... boredom sets in.

Just how many of the same photos of flowers/children/
landscapes/portraits* (delete as applicable!) do we need?

Here's a few photo ideas to get you started ... (or jump straight to links for more pages of photography ideas). There's bound to be something here to to reinvigorate your passion for photography.

First of all, have a hunt through your old photos and see if you can find a few 'average' looking photos. Then, with your cheeky hat on, think to yourself "is there a caption I could put on this to make it more interesting?"

chances are the is. I've put a couple of examples below. The first is from a trip to Cuba taken a few years ago. As out little tour group stood around in Havana I took a photo, then later I wondered why I bothered!

It's not exactly a stunning photo, but, being a little playful, I added a caption. See what you think:

photography ideas - add a caption to your photos

And here's another one. For this one I was browsing through some old photos, and came across a selection from a friend's party.

On their own the photos weren't up to much. Definitely not the sort you'd proudly cherish!

However, adding a caption made it a little bit more interesting, and something to share with the party guests.

photography ideas - add a caption to your photos

Now I'm not saying all your photography ideas need to come from old party photos, but what about some of your newer photos?

There may be some there that aren't so great, but with a little tinkering ... new photo ideas await! Have a look at the before and after photos below (roll your mouse over the photo to see the before and after):

Photography ideas - change the layer mode in Photoshop for creative photography effects

The 'before' was just a poor photo of the London skyline. With a few tweaks using freely available software I managed to create a silhouette of the skyline.

I realise it's not the most amazing photo in the world, but it's another one to add to your arsenal of photography ideas! If you want to try this technique yourself have a look at a newsletter I sent out recently on how to rescue a bad photo.

If these photo ideas have started you thinking, here's some further reading that will pique your interest even more: