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Do you have a passion? An interest? Most of us do. Have you every wanted to do more with it?

Here's my story and the story of

My big passion in life is photography. I love it! I have loved it ever since I got my first camera back in the late 1970s. A compact '126' camera (all the rage at the time!).

The thrill of collecting photos from the developer is something I shall never forget.

First there was the wait of a few days while they developed my film.

Then going to collect the photos – receiving that envelope, heavy with the smell of print chemicals. And slowly, slowly opening the envelope; pulling the prints out one by one.

Which photos were successes? Which were failures? How did that new technique work out? That anticipation is possibly the only thing I miss about digital photography.

My parents must have been crazy!

As I hit my teens, I moved up to the world of SLRs, and the need for a darkroom grew.

Fortunately for me my parents were crazy enough to let me use the downstairs cloakroom as a darkroom. I spent hours in there; prizing open film cassettes, mixing chemicals, enlarging prints . . .

Time passed. I moved out of home. And the digital camera revolution began.

With the aid of a digital camera and some imaging software I could print my own photos, at home, in broad daylight!

My passion for photography has brought me enjoyment for years (and a little money too!). And then another passion of mine emerged . . .

The internet.

The www effect . . .

I was working at a school when the internet was in its infancy. I was blown away by the internet, even in its basic 1990s configuration. I was amazed at the information available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I remember one Sunday afternoon clicking away. Afternoon turned into evening, and then into night. I can't even remember what I was originally looking for. I just remember following link after link, from site to site.

After one bleary-eyed surfing-session it dawned on me (probably sometime around dawn actually), that I loved the internet. I wanted to be on it. I wanted my own website!

But what should I build a website about? I like walking, I enjoy travelling, spending time with the kids is wonderful, I love photography...Bingo! A photography website!

How to build a website . . .

So I started looking into it. I typed "build me a website" into Google and got millions of results. Most of them offered to produce a website that, for a few dollars, would apparently make me super rich.

I was sceptical. I wanted a site. And if I could make a little money out of my new hobby, well, why not?

But they were making some bold claims. Some cost peanuts (could they really work?) and some had eye-watering prices! How do you separate out the wheat from the chaff???

All I wanted was to combine my two passions – photography, and the internet. Surely it can't be that difficult?

Anyway, I looked further into it, and plumped for one of the many places that could get me a site for just a few dollars. So I bought one. What a mistake!

I was allowed four web pages, and anything extra had to be paid on top.

I had no idea how to write HTML, and there was no help on the site either (well, there was one piece of advice – buy some software. Not particularly helpful!).

Anyway, I built my four pages as best I could, and the hosting company uploaded them for me.

I was excited the day my 'site' (all four pages of it!) went up on the internet. I thought I would get loads of hits; after all, that's what the internet does, doesn't it?

Well, no, actually. Apart from myself visiting my own site I managed the grand total of one visitor in my first month.

And then one day I had an email from someone with a photography question. I'd finally arrived on the web! Except I hadn't. They were looking for a different site with a similar name and come to mine by mistake!!!

I felt a little let down, but thought there must be a better way.

How to build a website. Properly!

And then I found the perfect solution (and the perfect web hosting company!).

I was wary at first. It's another company that will host your site for you, but it cost a few hundred dollars. Admittedly not the thousands some charge, but not peanuts either.

They sounded good. They would show me how to get my site on the internet. Show me how to get visitors. Provide me with everything I would need to run my site.

I liked the idea of that – being in control, running my own site. I also liked the idea that they would show me how to make some money from it too (who wouldn't!)

But I'd heard that part before – make money on the internet. Hmmm…! I spent almost two weeks wondering if I should take the plunge.

Wow! I'm so glad I did! In fact, if I hadn't you wouldn't be reading this now.

The company I use were good for all their promises, and then some! I could build my site without having to learn all that HTML. I followed their action guide and ended up with real visitors, lots of them!

Then I decided to look into the money making part. Could my humble website make money? Yes it could! And they showed me how.

This was the real difference - not just web hosting, but a company that gave me all the tools that empowered me to build my own site. One that ranks highly in Google and gets thousands of real visitors every day!

Not only that, using the tools they gave me my site now ranks in the top 1% of all sites on the net!. Me, just little old me. A site in the top 1% in the world!

Finally my passion for photography was up there in cyberspace on my very own successful website.

I have not given up my day job, although many who have signed up do.

I run my site as a hobby and get a nice little payment each month – helps pay for a few of life's luxuries!

I am so pleased I discovered how to create my photography website. Two passions, combined, and a new hobby that more than pays for itself.

I appreciate you reading my story. I hope you continue to enjoy my site. And maybe I'll see you on one of the forums in the future? (did I mention the forums before? No? You're in for a real treat there! The most helpful bunch of people you'll ever meet on the internet!)

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