The Storm

by Stan
(Reedsburg, WI, USA)

The colors and clouds detail.

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That's one impressive cloud!
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Nature is incredible in many ways, and presents fantastic subject matter for us photographers. And Stan has managed to capture some of that subject matter for us.

The thing that obviously strikes the viewer here is that cloud! Bubbling up to form a towering cumulus nimbus that can only result in some rather inclement weather for anyone underneath.

It's not just the cloud that makes this so striking. The light plays an important part too.

Because the cloud rises so far into the atmosphere, it is lit nicely by the sun. The top is nicely illuminated, whilst the bottom of the cloud is in shadow – this gives a menacing feel!

Being the digital photography tutor section of the site I like to offer suggestions where possible. So are there things that might improve this shot?

Well, Stan has done well to include something in the foreground. This is important for landscape photos, but for photos like this it is even more important.

Why? Because it gives us a sense of scale.

It would have been nice in this case to have seen more of the house at the bottom of the screen.

A lower vantage point might have worked. This could have been done by placing the camera on the ground, angled slightly upwards. Click to read more about shooting angles.

The only other suggestion I have relates to the other cloud in the photo. The low level one that cuts across the top of that incredible cumulus nimbus.

Clearly Stan couldn't move the cloud. But, I wonder, would a slightly different position have taken it out of shot? Maybe waiting a minute or two would have given it time to move out of the way?

Of course, I wasn't there at the time, so maybe Stan was about to get a soaking, and needed to work fast! In which case it's always better to take the shot anyway.

Thanks Stan for the submission, and I hope there are some useful tips here,


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