Garden of Eden

by Jeffrey W. Bryson
(Clarksburg, Maryland)

I took this photo on a recent trip to Maui. I was trying to capture all of the colors in the scene along with the feeling of looking down a pathway to a vanishing point.

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Wow, what a riot of colour!
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Jeffrey certainly met his aim of capturing all the colours in the scene. I'm pretty sure there isn't a colour of the rainbow that he left out.

There is more to this scene than the colours though. A few key photographic rules have been followed here too.

First, there's the classic rule of thirds. Jeffrey's photo loosely follows the rule, and this is nearly always a good thing compositionally. Click to read more about the rule of thirds.

The other important aspect of scenery shots like this – where you can see the horizon – is to make sure the horizon is level.

If the horizon isn't level it just looks bad. The only exception would be if the horizon is really wonky and is clearly done for artistic effect.

Jeffrey's horizon is almost perfectly horizontal – so well done there!

I don't have much to offer in the way of suggestions. It's a very nice photo!

I would have a play in Photoshop though. The filter I would apply here is the 'spherize' filter. Apply this and you will get a fish eye lens effect.

The horizon will bend, as if you are far enough away to be looking at the curve of the Earth.

The spherize filter can be found under filter, then distort and finally choose spherize.

Thanks Jeffrey for the submission.


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