The beauty of wet light

by Adam Pinnell
(Warrenton, NC)

I was hoping to capture the rainbow but the shed also at a creative angle.

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Interesting photo . . .
 Digital Photography Secrets
Rainbows are clearly photogenic subjects. But just a rainbow on its own doesn't make for a great photo.

Consider rainbows as a box of Max Factor, Rimmel, or Maybeline – on their own they don't look that great, but carefully applied they enhance the natural beauty!

Adam has found a shed here that makes an interesting scene, and the rainbow adds a nice finishing touch.

There is more to Adam's photo than meets the eye though. First the shed – taken at an angle.

I can understand the thinking behind this – it makes the scene a little more interesting. I think what would have worked even better would have been a low shooting angle.

Imagine if Adam had lay down on the grass and shot this photo. The shed would loom large in the scene, and the perspective would have added the diagonal lines of the shed. Click to read a digital photography tutorial on shooting angles.

I like the vignette effect here. The vignette is the darkening of the corners of the photo. They draw the viewer into the scene.

This is a natural effect of using extremely wide angle lenses, but can also be added afterwards using software. You can read a digital photography tutorial creating a vignette here.

Much as I like this photo overall, and can imagine a few tweaks to improve it further, there is one thing that really puts me off here.

The date scrawled into the corner of the photo. I find this really off-putting. It adds absolutely nothing to the photo, and simply detracts from the overall image.

Thanks for the submission Adam, but please don't add the date to any more of your photos!.


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