Summertime View

by Lori Arnold
(Salt Lake City, Utah USA)

Salt Lake City On A Hot August Afternoon

Salt Lake City On A Hot August Afternoon

This was taken, and when I downloaded it onto my computer, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I thought it turned out. It was not taken with a tri-pod, just a quick shot...

I love taking shots of the mountains here in Utah. Anytime I can take shots to show off the amazing beauty, that is what I am going for!

I realize it is simplistic, but that is what I want it to be...just enough detail to make it interesting, not any thing to distract from the mountain beauty, which is what the shot is centered on!

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Landscape photos require, if nothing else, a good landscape to start with.
 Digital Photography Secrets
Lori has done well – the scenery she has found is truly stunning.

There is something that strikes me about this shot - the sky is very blue, but so are the mountains.

I don't know if this is how the scene looked when Lori took it, or whether this is a result of white balance being slightly off.

Lori could check this herself by looking at the image's 'metadata'. It will often tell you what white balance the camera used when it took the photo. If it says 'daylight' then it's fine. If it says anything else, then the colours will be distorted.

The only other thing that strikes me is a compositional thing. This is a little picky of me, but I would have liked to see a little more of the mountain in the background, and a little less of the hill in front.

This could have been achieved by moving to the left a few paces and then taking the shot.

As a suggestion – why not try a 3D landscape photo. They are quite easy to create, and once you get the hang of viewing them you never want to stop!

Click to read more about stereoscopic 3D photography.

All in all, I like the photo. Thanks for the submission Lori!


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