When my guitar gently leaps !

by Roshan Thomas
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Was trying out different angles and diff settings on my new canon 40d... this is one of my fav pics..

How may I have improved it ?...


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This looks like a photo taken on a wet Sunday afternoon by an itchy-fingered photographer.
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I remember once someone who was desperate to take some photos with their new camera, but was beaten by the weather. They ended up photographing their mobile phone!

At least Roshan's photo is more photogenic than a mobile phone. And it's fairly easy on the eye.

Technically, there isn't much wrong with this photo. Roshan has used a wide aperture (creating a shallow depth of field) that has focussed on the bridge of the guitar, but blurs as you move along the neck.

Click to read more about using the aperture to control depth of field.

On the compositional side of things though, I would suggest moving the camera to the left a little – to capture the entire bridge.

At the moment the bridge is cut off on the left side of the photo. I would like to see the whole of it in the photo.

Something else to consider – black and white photography. This picture has strong, simple lines. The colours are also simple. It could look great in black and white.

It would be easy to convert this to black and white, and I'm sure it would be worth it.

Hope there are a couple of useful suggestions here, and thanks Roshan for the submission.


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