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Digital photography tutor - September - October submissions

Here you will find an archived selection of contributions to the digital photography tutorials page, from September - October 2008

Grab yourself a hot beverage and start browsing through them!

If you have a photo that you would like me to run my critical eye over, please contribute here

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The submissions . . .

Spring Sunrise East Coast  starstarstarstarstar
Could not resist snapping this.

I was going to my letterbox to pick up my morning paper but rushed back into the house and grabbed my camera.

A ...

the dayz  starstarstarstarstar
This photo is an expression of my feelings.

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A very interesting photo!

When I first ...

Broken Dream  starstarstar
Patio shooting. A broken clay pot, pretending like creature, all is well.

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This strikes ...

Rose leaf drops  starstarstar
I love to take pictures of flowers and such after a good rainstorm… this is some rose leaves… do you think it has a nice effect?

(For convenience,...

Peekaboo  Not rated yet
It was my first time shooting to get details and just to get a good photograph.

I normally shoot to just capture a moment. This was done with my phone ...

Sunrise revisited  Not rated yet
I followed your advice and came up with this . . . Far more striking than my original post.

It's always nice to see a before and after!

I definitely ...

Gentle Waterfall  Not rated yet
This was the last day to take any color photos from the fall weather, as the next day it snowed and got cold,. I like it. I like the water depth in the ...

caterpillar  Not rated yet
I was hoping to get more color out of the caterpillar. It makes the photo rather dull (it didn't have much color to begin with).

I tried different steps ...

Lookin Through to?  Not rated yet
I took my class to Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA to shoot the autumn colors.

I wanted to teach them to "see" things they wouldn't think of as ...

Beyond the Horizon  Not rated yet
I was trying to capture in panoramic view the sunset with the stars above and the serene water below as wide as I can get from the water breaker where ...

Sydney Harbor Bridge  Not rated yet
I was tired of the cliché photos of this bridge. I wanted something that captured the essence of the bridge and that was different.

Something that ...

Reflective fall colors  Not rated yet
I took this over a year ago, and I really like it, mostly because I like the colors, and the water to me looks inviting… I am sure there is something valuable ...

the sky is burning  Not rated yet
Took a walk w/ my new A300 taking pics of everything I see and like.

Did some editing w/ Picasa. How much further can I go with Photoshop?

(For ...

Waterrock Knob  Not rated yet
I was trying to capture the beauty of the view from the mountain. I don't know if this does it justice though.

(For convenience, all links below ...

Lone Shroom!  Not rated yet
Well, I was hiking and found this mushroom growing all alone at the base of a tree.

I was trying to capture the loneliness of the mushroom, as well ...

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