Sunrise revisited

by Syd Lawson
(Oamaru New Zealand)

I followed your advice and came up with this . . . Far more striking than my original post.

It's always nice to see a before and after!

I definitely prefer the 'after' shot here (you can see Syd's 'before' here.

Things that make the difference are the straight horizon, less of the buildings, and of course the colours!

This is one of those moments where I can almost hear the sharp intake of breath from traditional photographers who think any playing with software is cheating.

Well, it's not. Plain and simple. I have written about this here before. Photographers have always manipulated images in the darkroom. Now they just do it using software – and in daylight!

I used to spend hours timing exposures to adjust brightness, adding filters to correct colour casts and altering developing solutions to change the contrast.

Now I do the same thing with software. And I get to see a lot more of my family too. Everyone's a winner!

If you want to find out a lot more about using software then do give this downloadable course a try. There's a free demo available so it won't cost anything to look.

I admit am plugging this course a little at the moment, mainly because I think it's brilliant! As with any of my recommendations it is based on my own personal experience – I've fully 'road tested' this course myself.

Thanks for the submission Syd – and well done on the changes, they're a real improvement!


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