Rose leaf drops

by Lori Arnold
(Salt Lake City, Utah USA)

I love to take pictures of flowers and such after a good rainstorm… this is some rose leaves… do you think it has a nice effect?

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Raindrops keep falling on my head, they keep falling . . . !
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Flowers and plants often look their best right after a good rainstorm. This is because they have been washed clean by the rain, and the drops that remain add some sparkle!

The best time to do this (weather permitting) is shortly after the rain has stopped – as Lori did here – but wait until the sun comes out.

Of course, there are times when the sun just isn't going to play ball. In these situations, a little man-made light might just do the trick.

If you have a digital SLR camera you could use the diffused light of a flashgun. If you have a compact camera give the flash a try; though you might be better off without it as it can cause harsh shadows.

There is of course a way of adding some sparkle using software.

You can use the brightness and contrast controls to lift the entire photo a little.

Then, to add some real sparkle, grab a paintbrush, set the colour to pure white, and dab a couple of white dots on the water droplet.

Make sure you use what is called a 'soft' brush. A soft brush fades out, a hard brush leaves a clearly defined line.

These small dots of light are called catchlights, and they work just as well on the eyes of people in portraits – it really brings the eyes to life.

Thanks for the submission Lori,


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Oct 14, 2008
Rotate Leaf
by: Mort Metersky

I like the original comments but I would have flipped the image so the leaf with the rain drops is coming out of the left hand corner facing to the upper right hand corner.

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