Lookin Through to?

by Mort Metersky
(Warminster, PA USA)

Looking Through to?

Looking Through to?

I took my class to Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA to shoot the autumn colors.

I wanted to teach them to "see" things they wouldn't think of as being photographic. I saw this piece of black slate with the raised design, showed them it, and took a picture of a piece of it.

After getting home and doing my Photoshop thing with saturation, this is what resulted.

The lesson was that no matter what your eye sees, there may be colors that are invisible to the naked eye.

It's good to see that some people can see the photographic potential in just about anything!
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Let me start by saying that I absolutely applaud Mort for taking his class out to shoot. That's the next generation of photographers there – treat them well!

I also wholeheartedly congratulate Mort for demonstrating to his class that there are often photographic opportunities in the most mundane – if you have the time to look.

So why don't I like this photo?

This is one of those truly 'arty' pictures. And with art, one man's meat is another man's poison!

Pickled farm animals do nothing for me as art, but it didn't stop someone paying millions (literally!) for Damien Hirst's 'Golden Calf'

And Mort's picture leaves me almost as cold.

But despite saying this, I can appreciate the merit in his submission. There are some strong patterns here; some rather charming and rather subtle colours; a nice close crop. All good photographic elements, just not for me.

I'm sure other readers will have their own opinions (please use the comment form below), and a genuine thanks to Mort for his submission.


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