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New Years Day photos from around the world - 2011!

This is now the third year I've run the New Year's Day Around The World page. I hope you've enjoyed the last two years and maybe you have something to share this year.

So what's it all about? Well, the task is to take a photo of where you are on New Year's Day and post it here. As the hours (and days) pass we build up a snapshot of New Year around the world.

All different photos, all the same day!

It's easy to submit your photo, just use the form below

Person walking into sunset

So, here's your opportunity to share your New Year with the World.

The photo could be of almost anything - natural scenery, buildings, decorations, food, people . . . anything you like!

Just as long as it was taken on New Year's Day 2011.

Give it a few days, and hopefully we'll have a really good selection!

And by the way, you might be interested to see some of the photos submitted during previous years. Click here to see the New Year's Day 2009 photos and here are the New Year's Day 2010 photos.

Contributions so far . . .

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

New Years Eve 2010 
Hi, From my balcony in Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia I look out to the tallest 82 storey residential building in the Southern hemisphere. …

STCC Happy New Year Party 2011 
STCC Uttamnagar,New Delhi-59. Annual function to celebrate 2011. It's me, Sufy, and all my friends. We're enjoying New Year fully with DJ dancing. …

Mtn. Washington N.H. New Years day 1/1/11 
Skiing at Bretonwoods ski area on a warm day with Mtn. Washington and the Mtn.Washington Hotel in the back ground

KOLLAM,KERALA,INDIA .....................

2011 Already!!!!!!! 
At home after a few beers and playing a card game called "Cadillac" just past 12 midnight New Years. We had just finished toasting to the New Years …

Carriage Ride on New Year's Day 
Happy New Year! It has become a nice tradition for my husband and I to take a drive on New Year's Day to take some pictures to submit to your website. …

Confetti Not rated yet
This is my wife in the firing line of a confetti shower. I received a Nikon Speedlight as a Christmas gift and this was the result. (I've had to save …

A Bowl of Sweets for New Year's Eve Not rated yet
Where I come from (Quezon Province, Philippines), this is a traditional dish to make for New Year's Eve. It's called guinataang halu-halo which literally …

Happy New Year 2011!!!!!!! Not rated yet
A toast to all and a wish for a Happy and Properous New Year.

New Year in Mauritius Not rated yet
Dear Darrell, Happy New Year 2011 to your team, family and you. My best wishes to you all. I am a photographer since 1981 at one of the best resort …

Devil's Fire Not rated yet
In my home town of Tacloban City, Philippines. A few houses from ours a guy was shooting lots of varieties of fireworks. I liked this one I took …

African Rain Clouds Not rated yet
Inyankuni Dam, Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Fishing on New Year's Day and the clouds started to build up for one of those exhilarating African Thunderstorms …

lets hide Not rated yet
Hay making in Opunake, Taranaki, New Zealand on New Years day. The children were trying to hide. Those of us freezing in the northern hemisphere can …

It's Cold! Not rated yet
We live in Denver City Texas. Right now the weather is so dry and windy...we have not had a "real" winter yet! My husband and I decided to take the …

New Year's day walk Not rated yet
I live in the 'still frozen north' of the UK and we decided to go for a walk on new year's day. It was after a fairly heavy night before shared with …

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