New Year in Mauritius

by Rajesh

Dear Darrell,

Happy New Year 2011 to your team, family and you. My best wishes to you all.

I am a photographer since 1981 at one of the best resort in Mauritius. Am enclosing some photographs which I took on the eve of the new year.

Grateful if you give me your sugestions and opinion.

Looking forward to hear from you and all the best.


Thanks for the post Rajesh. I wasn't planning on passing judgement on any of the new year photos - it's just a bit of fun to see what everyone gets up to at new year.

If you click around the site you'll find plenty of tips to help you get better photos. A good place to start would be the digital photography tutor section. You can submit photos there for a critique too if you like.

Thanks also for your kind wishes. Sadly the team is just me - doing my best to share my years of photography experience with the world. I hope it's been helpful!

All the best,


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