A Bowl of Sweets for New Year's Eve

by Celeste
(Trenton, Ontario)

Where I come from (Quezon Province, Philippines), this is a traditional dish to make for New Year's Eve. It's called guinataang halu-halo which literally translates to "mixture in coconut milk".

You can put anything in this dessert. For mine, I used sweet potatoes, bananas, glutinous rice balls, sago (tapioca pearls, the kind they put in bubble tea), jackfruit and coconut jelly.

It is supposed to bring good luck for the coming year, with the rice balls floating as they get cooked.

Living away from my native country, it's more of a comfort food for me than anything else really. My husband loves to eat it cold while I prefer it to be piping hot.

Sounds like it could be delicious. I'll have to look up some recipes!

Happy New Year,


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