Carriage Ride on New Year's Day

by Laurie B
(Belleville, Ontario, Canada)

Happy New Year!

It has become a nice tradition for my husband and I to take a drive on New Year's Day to take some pictures to submit to your website. It's something that we look forward to now each year, so I hope, Darrell, that you will continue with this every year.

Today, it was rainy and foggy - very damp and uncomfortable,and a whopping 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees F - very, very warm for us here at this time of year), and sadly, all of our snow has now been washed away.

On the highway about 20 minutes north of town, we came across an Amish horse and carriage. With no one else out on such a miserable day, we were able to take a few pictures as the carriage went up the empty highway.

Our destination, which was a local mill and conservation area, was open only to pedestrians, and because of the rain on the icy mud, we turned back home instead of walking in.

Seeing the carriage was definitely the highlight of our drive this year. I like the reflection on the wet road, the curve of the highway, and if you look closely, you can see that all four feet of the horse are off the ground at once.

Happy New Year to everyone, and a very healthy 2011 to all!

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Great Shot
by: Karen R

This shot captured my imagination right away.

I think it's an awesome picture that you should be very proud of and if that's all you came home with that day, well, it was still worth the trip.

I love the hazy feel of the day and the reflection on the road.

The only thing I might try to do is to blur the houses on the right side of the horse and buggy. Then I think you would have a 5.

I really do love the shot.

Well done.

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