Nude photography techniques

A few simple nude photography techniques can certainly move your photos from the average to the desireable.

But before I begin I just wanted to re-iterate my thoughts the subject.

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Nude photography is an ancient art form.

Artists have been painting nudes since the dawn of time and photographers have been doing the same since cameras were invented.

I completely understand that some photographers steer clear though, fearing their photography will lumped together with that of a distasteful nature.

And that's just fine.

I wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable about nude photography so if you think you might be offended please use the links at the top of this page to explore the rest of my site.

If you're happy to find out more and learn some nude photography techniques then please read on...

Shooting angles

One of the simplest nude photography techniques to make use of is the shooting angle. Getting a good shooting angle can make a big difference to successful nude photography - it really can make or break an image.

High shooting angles

nude photography techniques - high shooting angle If you go for the ordinary face-on photos you are very likely to end up with flat boring photos, or worse still the sort of photo that would be familiar to readers of cheap tabloid newspapers.

The human form can be viewed from many different angles and if you explore these angles you will find your nude photos improve no end.

Try a high shooting angle. This is an easy technique to use and all you need is a ladder or a chair; climb up a few steps (or stand on a chair) and photograph your model from above.

If you want the model's face as well as their body in the photo get them to lok up to the camera - this has the additional benefit of reducing any sagging of the face and neck.

Low shooting angles

Another easy nude photography technique is to do the opposite - try a low shooting angle. Taking photos from the bottom up can again give nude photography more impact but a little more thought in positioning your model might be needed. nude photography techniques - low shooting angle

By shooting from a low angle you'll need to take a little more care to ensure your photography keeps on the right side of good taste.

Careful positioning of your model's legs can maintain their modesty, as can a carefully placed prop.

If your aim is to include some of the more personal areas of the human form then you can clearly get away with being less careful with your positioning.

The photo here uses a low shooting angle which gives an interesting shot.

To do this you need to either position your model onto an object so that they are elevated, or you need to get on the floor yourself and photograph upwards.

If you go for the lying on the floor method you will still need to position your model on something to give them a little height, but you should be able to get away with a small box or even a stack of books.

The photo here is one example that neatly shows the low-down shooting technique.

Unusual shooting angles

High and low shooting angles can do much for nude photography. But once you've got the hang of moving yourself around your model you can begin to get more creative.

Another simple nude photography technique is to try some more unusual shooting angles - sideways on, feet first, 45 degree angles . . . there are many possibilities.

The key is to keep moving your camera and experiment. A good tip is to get your model to stand still and take 8-12 photos all from unique angles.

nude photography techniques - unusual shooting angle

Doing this will not only get you thinking more creatively about your shooting angle but may well open an angle that is pleasing and worthy of further shots.

The photo above explores what can be achieved with a side on angle.

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