Nude models and how to find them

Nude photography is a wonderful expression of the photographers' art. But trying to find nude models is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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It's frustrating for nude photographers because they want to explore this interesting, and ancient, form of art ...

... but they avoid it because they don't want to run the risk of being in-appropriately labelled.

I completely understand. It's not easy trying to locate mude models without coming across as seedy. But it is possible and the tips here should help you.

A generation of openness...

One of the first things to bear in mind when seeking out nude models is that we tend to live in a much more open society than we ever used to.

nude models - a generation of openess It was once the case that to even approach a girl you needed an invitation and showing a bit of ankle brought much tut-tutting an even the odd swoon.

Times have clearly changed. The media is far more open and it is not unheard of for daily newspapers to contain racy images.

Against this backdrop is a generation where taking a few clothes off is not seen as a scandal anymore. It's a perfectably acceptable way to behave.

Indeed I would go so far to say that nude photography has definitely benefitted from this openness.

A good nude photo is now more likely to be considered artistic especially when set against a barrage of tacky photos posted on the internet on a daily basis.

So, first tip, don't automatically lower your expectations of potential nude models - we live in a far more open age than ever before.

Don't constrain your model type...

Nude models come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the classic busty babes to stick thin models and the genuinely mature woman.

nude models - don't constrain your model type Think about what you are trying to achieve with your nude photography and use that as a starting point.

Starting point you'll note I said - not your ending point.

You might start thinking about a classic black and white photo, perhaps lit from the side using soft lighting. But hold on...

... with more thought perhaps you want something with a little colour in it? After all, everyone does the black and white nude.

Plus of course it's the easiest thing in the world to convert the photos to black and white after the shoot should you wish - but impossible to get the colour back if you change your mind!

Other you want a face in the photo? Are you thinking of part of a nude, and if so, which part? Belly? Arms? Nipple?

Add into all this the depth of field (you might want a sharply focussed bottom fading into a blurred body?) and you can see that nude photography has a lot of options!

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Finding nude models - making the first move

It's easy to overlook people you know when starting out in nude photography. And this could be a mistake.

nude models - finding  model By first talking to people you know about your interest in nude photography you might initially get some strange reactions.

But stick with it! A calm and sensible conversation about the topic will soon turn doubting friends into interested people.

They will likely be just interested in your photography hobby at first, but with a little gentle persuasion they may also easily become your first nude model.

A really important rule is to not expect too much from your friend if this is the approach you take and reassure him or her that you will completely respect their wishes.

Ways to help them get undressed and become your model for nude photography are:
  • promise you will take no photos of their face
  • promise that they can see every photo on the memory card
  • promise that they are allowed to delete any photo on the memory card that they don't like
With these three rules that you must stick to you might find some willing participants.

Once you have had some success with photographing friends they may be able to put you in touch with others who may be willing to pose nude for you too.

And because you have built some confidence with your friends you will come across as a true professional photographer.

This approach will at least get you started. And of course, coming across as professional also leads to a professional income! This site can show you how to earn a little extra from your photos.

Using an agency

It is of course quite acceptable to use an agency to find nude models for you.

nude models - finding  model Your first task is to find out what type of models the agency you are thinking of can supply.

Remember your thoughts on what you want to achieve? Stick to that aim and approach agencies with that in mind.

And certainly don't worry about offending anyone - belive me they really have heard it all before.

The thing is, if you can give them a clear idea of what you are looking for they stand a much better chance of finding the right nude model for you. That's why thinking through your aims to start with is so important.

If you have managed to persuade some of your friends to pose nude for you could take those photos along to an agency too.

This is a very good move because it demonstrates to the agency that you are genuine and even have some work to prove it.

Hopefully you've found this introduction to nude models helpful. There's further reading on the subject here:

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