More nude photography techniques

If you haven't yet, have a look at my nude photography tips homepage. This page follows on from there - continuing the theme of simple nude techniques that can transform your photos from the average to the desirable.

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Focal lengths

Using the right focal length can bring a real sense of quality to nude photography.

nude photography techniques - using the right focal length Using a focal length of more than 50mm means (in other words, a telephoto lens) is great for portraits. A focal length of around 70mm is ideal for the classic head and shoulders portrait because it doesn't distort the subject.

It also has the benefit of making noses appear a little less long and chins a little less pronounced - generally considered desirable traits in a portrait.

If you have a zoom lens zoom it in close to your subject and you will see what I mean.

On the other hand, anything less than 50mm (wide angles) will tend to distort your subject.

In nude photography, where the rules of normal portrait photography can be comfortably broken, this can create an interesting look.

Have a look at the photo here. A wide angle lens was chosen and it distorts the image creating a dramatic composition. Combine this with an interesting shooting angle and you've got a winning shot.

Rule of thirds for nudes

The rule of thirds can work well in most types of photography, and it can work well for nudes too.

nude photography techniques - rule of thirds The basic premise of the rule of thirds is that the areas of the image that should attract the viewers' interest are placed on imaginary 'thirds' drawn across a photo - much like overlaying a tic-tac-toe grid over a photo.

Have a look at the photo here and you will see what I mean.

Key features of the nude fall along the lines of that tic-tac-toe grid. But there's more to it than this.

Have another look at the photo here and you will see I've added red dots. These dots are at the points where the vertical and horizontal lines cross.

These are the real hot-spots of any photo, and in nude photography these are the points where you should place your main points of focus.

Using this technique is an easy way to guarantee half-decent results most of the time. There are of course other techniques that can easily be learnt that will get superb shots most of the time.

It takes time to learn these more advanced techniques, but if you've got a little time and want to take your nude photography further, indeed perhap even earn a little money from your photography, here's where you can find out more.

Use diagonal lines of composition

Another photography technique that works well for almost all forms of photography is the use of diagonal lines in your compositions.

nude photography techniques - rule of thirds Using diagonal lines can really make an image more punchy. It adds an extra element of drama and impact to the image.

In the photo here the model was positioned so as to create a diagonal across the photo.

This creates a much more dramatic shot than simply positioning the model lying down.

Diagonals don't only have to be created by placing your model in a diagonal. You could also use props in the scene to make the diagonal, or even tilt your camera to make a distinct diagonal.

Breaking the rules

The rules here will certainly get your nude photos off the ground and will get you half decent photos.

Once you've established the basics and are up and running it might be time to break some of those rules and even add in extra dimensions.

For example, you could use lighting techniques to create shadows that fall as diagonals. You could also play with horizontals and verticals. No doubt you've already got plenty of ideas, and here's where you can turn some of those photo ideas into a little income.

I hope you've found this introduction to nude photography helpful. There's further reading on the subject here: