My work

by Troy Adams
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Lazy Days

Lazy Days

The photos above outline some of my work.

I love the close up shots but also the modified work on the rose creates a special look.

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I love it when we get a selection of someone's work. It gives a nice little insight into what makes photography fun for them.

Looking at Troy's pictures I'm thinking the great outdoors and wildlife are what gets his shutter finger itching.

My favourite here is the photo of the lizard. I love the fact that the lizard is in crisp clear focus set against a blurred out and simple background.

This effect is easiest to achieve if you use the macro setting on your camera.

If I were to be picky I would lose about an inch off of the left of the photo – it would bring the lizard onto one of the lines on the rule of thirds.

The spider has been shot in the same way and also looks clearly focussed set against a softened background.

The rose is a lovely shot. Looks like a little colour popping going on there! Again if I were to be picky I would lose an inch off of the left side just to improve the composition.

The odd-one-out is the jets. Just a thought, and shout me down if you wish (it's alright, I have a thick skin!), but it looks really out of place set against all the nature photography.

It's more normal for photographers to organise their work into themes.

Think of it like that word association game – the one where you say the first word that comes into your head after someone has started you off. I wonder; flower, then bee, then bird, then jet... that could make an interesting transition.

Thanks for the submission Troy, and as always, any comments are quite welcome.

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Reply to Darrell
by: Troy Adams

Thanks for your comments Darrell

Your comment about the jets has been noted and I included this, as I am keen to get my work out there and critiqued, by a happy mouse finger more so than thought of grouping.

Thanks for the comments and I will keep all of them in mind - especially the rule of thirds - although some times that can be up to the photographers determination and others may think differently.

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