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Digital photography tutor - March submissions

Here you will find the accepted contributions to the digital photography tutorials page, from March 2008.

If you have a photo that you would like "Ed." to run his critical eye over, please contribute here

Switzerland Winter  starstarstarstarstar
I am a student and novice in digital photography. I took this photo with Canon a480 small digital camera 7.1Mp. The camera was kept on Snow mode.

This ...

Becca  starstarstarstarstar
I was trying to create a portrait of my daughter that had some drama to it without going over the edge. I am still working with learning how to effectively ...

Me  starstarstarstarstar

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This looks a little like one of those 'caught in the headlights' moments. I'm guessing ...

Ugly Pole  starstarstarstar
I think that poles that are used in distribution of energy are among the ugliest things man has ever made. I've already seen some poles with hundreds of ...

Curve road P1  starstarstarstar
I was chatting to my wife at Mile-End Park in London, suddenly I saw this road behind my wife and then I took the picture.

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Cook Islands  Not rated yet
This photo is looking back at the main island and the photo is half under water and half out.

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The Sunset  Not rated yet
Everyday I pick-up my fiancé from work and I am always mesmerised by the beautiful sunsets.

On this day I decided to bring my camera. I took this picture ...

Duality  Not rated yet
Taken looking east from my front door... this is a small part of the Pudget Sound WA. Olympic Mountain range. I was surprized by the storm clouds so dark,...

First spring flower  Not rated yet
For this shot I was attempting to get a good close sharp image of the subject matter, using my Pentax Optio s7 with the flower icon.

I think this mode ...

Howdy Pardner!  Not rated yet
Some old cabins for sale not far from me & I took this shot of the post just outside the front entrance.

I just like the look of the little figure ...

Inner Thoughts  Not rated yet
I was hoping to inspire intrigue by using lighting to accent my expression.

This is a good attempt at a self portrait.

Things that elevate this ...

Just me  Not rated yet
Well I hate taking myspace pictures but finally I took some and they never come out good.

Just tell me what you think.

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iPhone Headphones  Not rated yet
This is a picture of my iPhone headphones. I don't really know what I was hoping to capture, and I want you guys to give me advice on how I can make it ...

Lizard  Not rated yet
I was trying to achieve good DOF while focusing on the eye. I took this with a Canon Rebel Xt, with a 18-55mm (kit lens)

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