Inner Thoughts

by Kim



I was hoping to inspire intrigue by using lighting to accent my expression.

This is a good attempt at a self portrait.

Things that elevate this above the ordinary are the black background contrasted with rich skin tones. The expression is wistful, which seems to work well.

The lighting is also interesting. The use of a close, and low powered, light has worked well. Kim's face is brightly exposed (and I'm assuming she was going for a high contrast look), but the light fades away rapidly to maintain that perfectly black backdrop, and keep the skin tones.

The thing that bugs me just a little about Kim's shot is the position in the frame. The crop is generally good, but a touch too close to the right side of the photo. This has nipped into her left eye, and the eyebrow is cut in half. There's plenty of room to move on the other side of the photo, and I think moving the camera to the right a little would have removed this little niggle.

Aside from that, this is a photo with lots to like. Well done Kim!


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