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This looks a little like one of those 'caught in the headlights' moments. I'm guessing that Kim was out somewhere, a friend had a camera out, Kim turned round, and bam! A wall of flash.

After Kim's eyes had regained their ability to see, I'm sure she would have been pleasantly surprised by the result.

These sort of photos can be quite interesting, but I feel there is more we can do with this, mostly in post processing.

The only recommendation I would make about technique would be that, because (I'm guessing) this was a quick spur-of-the-moment snap, it is a little out of focus. If it could have been in focus, all the better.

But most of my tips for improvement come from post processing. This photo has a huge range of contrast, bright white face, and darker hair. This draws me to black and white photography. I would convert this photo to black and white, as I think it will look even more dramatic. Click here to find our more about black and white digital photography.

Once converted I would then sharpen the image just a little. This would bring out the hair and eyes a touch. It wouldn't completely re-focus the face, but the eyes are what a viewer is drawn to, and with a little sharpening around these it would make an improvement.

Thanks for the submission, Kim.


UPDATED!We are now able to take 're-submissions' of improved photos. Simply submit them using the normal submission form here here, and use the same photo title.

Ed himself has had a go at improving Kim's photo. You can see his before and after here.

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Mar 30, 2008
Ed's version is good
by: Anonymous

Ed's version is an improvement. Black and white works on this one.

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