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Digital photography tips – printing photos

Digital photography tips – printing photos This website is dedicated to the best digital photography tips that have all been tried and tested “in the field”.

On these pages you’ll find a wealth of tips that will almost certainly improve your digital photography somehow.

On this page, photography tips to help you print your photos.

Photography tips –Printing the results

Tip 1:
Printing black and white photos? Don’t try this at home! It is possible to print black and white photos at home, but you’ll need an expensive printer, specialist inks, quality paper and a lot of patience! Instead, use a professional print service - you’ll save time, money and probably your sanity!

Tip 2:
A digital photography printing tip to save money and the environment – re-use your ink cartridges. It’s possible to buy kits to do this yourself, or some stores will do it for you.

Tip 3:
If you're set on printing out your digital photos at home, here's another digital photography tip to save you some money - use good quality coated printer paper. Don't worry about the brand, just make sure the paper is coated. Click to read more on digital photography printing.

Tip 4:
Before you print your photos, resize them. First work out what size you are going to print. Then adjust your image so that it is the same dimensions as the final print (for example 6x4). Set the image properties to “300dpi”. Finally, add a touch of “sharpening”, before saving, and printing. Click to read more on digital photography printing using Photoshop.

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