Ebook review – 267 Tips For Sensational Photos, by David Peterson

 Digital Photography Secrets Here you will find a genuine hands on review of 267 Tips for Sensational Photos

The internet is awash with ebooks. Free, instant downloads, PDFs for everyone. But are they any good?

No, not always. And I've downloaded more than a few! I came to the conclusion that, generally speaking, you do get what you pay for.

But that leads to a problem. If the one you're interested isn't free, how do you know it is any good before you spend your money on downloading it?

That's why I started these reviews. I have personally bought and read the ebooks you see (and will see in the future) on these pages. And my reviews are always independent and honest.

Read on for my ebook review of David Peterson's 267 Tips for Sensational Photos

This review is split into the following sections:


267 digital photography tips – example 1 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is a vast collection of photography tips. It's aimed at two groups of photographers:

Those looking for ways to be more creative in their photography, and may have run out of ideas that work. And those who want to turn good photographs into great photographs!

Both groups will find this ebook useful. There are stacks of ideas in this ebook. Here's a quick one – ever thought of photographing the sunset through a glass full of bubbly drink? No? Well, it's just one of the many, many suggestions in this ebook.

And here's another one taken directly from the book "Try photographing the details of life. The callused hands of a farmer; The innocent and pure smile of children; Crowds looking at fireworks."

Just two suggestions from the many (well, hundreds in fact) ideas in the book. If you love taking photos, but feel you have run out of ideas, this is definitely an ebook for you.

If it's ways of improving your photography, well they're tons of useful tips for you too. For example, "When shooting a portrait, remove any double chin on your subject by ensuring your subject is lower than you and looks towards the camera." Good advice!

And here's another, for anyone trying to photograph children "Show the children your photos as you go. This will give them more of an interest and they will be more willing to pose for you."

This is a tip I use myself, and I promise you, it really does work (and not only for kids either, it also works well with the "older" generation!).


267 digital photography tips – example 2 Like David's other ebook, "Digital Photography Secrets", 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is a good quality ebook. It includes lots of photographic examples of the points being made; even more so than "Digital Photography Secrets".

This is really good to see, and something I consider to be vital in any photography ebook.

As with "Digital Photography Secrets" the font used in 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is a nice sans serif font. This makes reading on screen easier, for those of us who prefer to read on-screen rather than print out the whole book.

In terms of quality, 267 Tips for Sensational Photos hits the mark.


267 digital photography tips – example 3 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is very readable. This book doesn't go into depth explaining technical jargon, or walking you through the inner workings of your digital camera.

But then that's not what it's about. It's about helping photographers take better photos – without needing to go into technical details.

Consequently, you won't be distracted by technical terms as you read. This keeps things simple, and keeps the tips flowing nicely.

David's writing style is relaxed in 267 Tips for Sensational Photos, even more so than "Digital Photography Secrets". The tips are short and sweet. No long drawn out explanations in this book.

Finally, I like an ebook to be properly spell checked and to use proper grammar. I like to see this because I think it says something about the author and their commitment to quality. I have read, and re-read 267 Tips for Sensational Photos and have yet to find any mistakes. Ten out of ten!


267 digital photography tips – example 4 The content of this ebook is very extensive. After all, there are 267 tips here. It is pitched at photographers who are satisfied with their photos, but know there is something missing. The tips here will turn "satisfactory" photography into "great photography!

But as I said in the introduction, 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is not just about supplying tips on how to take better photos, it contains a wealth of photography ideas too.

These ideas are as valuable as the general tips on offer. This is because once you have worked your way through the new photography ideas you will have learnt one of the most important lessons there are in the photography world – creativity!

Once you have that creativity, you can go out on your own with new confidence to try out your own ideas.

If you are an experienced amateur photographer, you probably know your way around your camera. If this is the case, the photography ideas will be of use to you (and there are a lot of them), but the advice on how to use your camera will be of less value.

If you have never really delved into your digital camera's menu system, then everything will be of use. "Digital Photography Secrets" would be a better book.

The tips in this ebook are divided into 38 topics, covering, amongst other things:
  • Landscapes (for example "Try to get an interesting subject in the foreground, middle ground and background. The foreground is the most important bit - a rock, grass, flowers, branch or even a few leaves.")
  • Portraits (for example "When taking headshots of a person, have them stand. This stops a hunched back which will look lazy in a photo. ")
  • Pets (for example "The best way to take action photos of a cat is to have someone else play with the cat with a toy while you get down on the floor and shoot. ")
  • Sunrises (for example "Use your camera's 'fireworks' setting to take pictures of sunsets. This will result in a more vividly colored photo. ")
  • Children (for example "Play a game of peek-a-boo with the child using the camera to hide behind. ")

    And a whole lot of other tips and ideas too!
I've included 267 Tips for Sensational Photos full list of contents for you below:
Camera Bags
Black and White
Camera Everywhere
Camera Care
Manual Settings
Moving Subjects
Night Photography
Macro Mode
Pets and Animals
Sunset and Sunrise
White Balance

267 Tips for Sensational Photos has a total 98 pages of photography tips and ideas. And those pages do actually have tips on them.

As I've said before, there are ebooks out there where the author claims hundreds of pages, when actually a lot of pages are nothing but images and very little useful content in between. "267 Simple Tips for Sensational Photos" is not one of them. The tips and ideas are short, but they do genuinely come thick and fast!

Value for money

267 digital photography tips –cover photo When buying 267 Tips for Sensational Photos, you are actually buying a bundle. This is common in buying ebooks, but all too often the rest of the bundle is pretty lightweight when compared to the actual book itself.

Well, when you buy 267 Tips for Sensational Photos you also gain access to a really useful discussion on photography. In it, David interviews Amy Renfrey, a seasoned professional, and the two of them discuss various photos which are shown to you.

They talk about what made the photo great, or the reasons why a particular photo missed the mark!

This video presentation is a really nice extra, and is well worth watching. It gives you valuable tips from the pros into how to take better photos.

A word of warning! If you have already purchased "Digital Photography Secrets" you will already have this presentation. So for you, the ebook itself will be the only value to you.

If you are interested in buying both Digital Photography Secrets and 267 Tips for Sensational Photos you can buy them both together for a discount.

267 Tips for Sensational Photos, and the video presentation, costs $37. The big question then – does it represent value for money?

Considering the vast number of tips on offer here, and especially the ideas for photo opportunities, it represents good value for money. Throw in the presentation and is gets even better value.

If you already own "Digital Photography Secrets" then I wouldn't recommend you buy 267 Tips for Sensational Photos too. You will already have all the extras, and more.

If you don't yet own Digital Photography Secrets, then 267 Tips for Sensational Photos represents excellent value for money.


 Digital Photography Secrets 267 Tips for Sensational Photos is a well written ebook that contains genuine tips and tricks to help you take better photos.

I like the way the tips are kept simple, and I like the way there are lots of photos to illustrate the tips.

I also like the bonus presentation. I especially like the way we are told how and why certain photos are good.

Being shown how and why really helps people to improve their own photography.

And if you would like to save some money, there is always the option of buying Digital Photography Secrets and 267 Tips for Sensational Photos together. Do so, and you can get them for a discount.

If you get both books you also get a huge package of bonus material. Click here to read my ebook review of "Digital Photography Secrets"

You can access 267 Tips for Sensational Photos here

And if it's the full bundle, with a discount, you are interested in, you can click to access the Digital Photography Secrets home page here.