Digital photography tips – choosing a digital camera

This website is dedicated to the best digital photography tips that have all been tried and tested “in the field”.

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On this page, tips to help you in choosing a camera. And how to save money when you go to buy!

Photography tips - Choosing a digital camera

Tip 1:
A money saving digital photography tip - buy a camera that has been on the market for about 6 to 12 months. It will be substantially cheaper than the latest models, and will still take great photographs.

Tip 2:
Another digital photography tip that might save you some money - ask yourself how you are going to use your new digital camera, before you set off to buy one.

Creative? Just taking snaps? This will narrow down your choice, and probably save you money. Read more on how to make a good digital camera comparison. . .

Tip 3:
Own a film SLR and thinking of going digital? Here’s another money saving digital photography tip - if you already own lenses or flashguns from one camera manufacturer, you will be able to use them on a digital SLR provided you stick to the same camera brand.

There are a few pluses and minuses though:
    • If your lenses are very old, you might lose functionality (for example, the new camera body might not be able to show you the aperture the lens is using).
    • The wide angle of your lenses won’t be quite as wide as it was before (as a general rule, multiply your old focal lengths by 1.5 to get the digital equivalent – e.g. a 20mm lens on a film camera will be like a 30mm lens on a digital SLR)
    • The best part of a film lens is the centre of the lens. This is the part that a digital SLR will make most use of.
    • You telephoto lengths will increase (se above regarding multiplying focal lengths).
    • Older film lenses are cheaper than modern digital lenses, so you can pick up some bargains.
    • When buying a digital SLR you can buy the body only, and save money!

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