by neil

cricket in the park

cricket in the park

I was wandering in the neighbourhood park when I saw these lads enjoying a game of tennis ball cricket in the soft sun heralding the onset of winters.

What struck me was the calm of a sunny Sunday morning, sun light beaming through the trees, the sheer enjoyment and involvement of the guys and the overall ambiance.

I tried to lower the aperture value but increase the shutter speed to get the action right.

Later when I saw the image in the laptop, I thought black and white was more appealing, with a little increase in the contrast in the photo editing software to bring out the mood.

I don't know how it comes across to a viewer?

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Well, for this viewer it comes across very nicely indeed!

I like the little shafts of sunlight piercing through in this photo. I appreciate that these were there when you took the photo but for those who want to play with Photoshop a bit here's a tutorial on how to add shafts of light.

I like the conversion to black and white here too. It's surprising how many different scenes look good in black and white photography.

And you know what else I like? The serenity. I can almost imagine myself sitting under a shady tree as the humidity rises after the rain with the soft sound of leather on willow in the background.

All in all a nice photo, thanks for the submission,

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