The Golden Hour

by Jess Dalupang
(Dubai, U.A.E.)

The golden hour is that time just after sunrise and just before sunset - when sunlight is weaker and has a golden glow.

I took this photo when I was driving along Al Khail road in Dubai.

I cherish the place and also cherish the golden hour which photographers will definitely not want to waste.

I pulled my Nikon DLSR out and took several shots of Dubai's skyscrapers, truly an amazing experience.

That feeling of clicking shutter release button several times in different angles on a DSLR makes me feel like a PRO.

Anyway, what I've done was a simple appreciation of mother nature's gift.

No matter what happens, I will keep and cherish these shots for life.

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The Golden Hour (see Tip 2) truly is an ideal time to be out taking photos.

As Jess's photo here shows the light is a wonderful golden colour.

Compare that to the harsh light of midday and you're halfway towards a great photo.

Of course it helps if you are lucky enough to have the Dubai skyline for a backdrop!

Great photo. If I were being a little critical though it would have been nice to get the very top of the Burj Khalifa in - although being the tallest building in the world it might have been tricky!

Thanks for the submission Jess - definitely one to keep!

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