Pentax P30n

by Lenny

I still have this camera - it's gathering dust on a shelf but I have no plans to get rid of it!

I did try it recently as I have been shooting 120mm medium format film and gave 35mm a try (after a long gap) but unfortunately, my battery was flat - will have to sort that!

I'm one of the many that have brought a Holga and seagull camera's - film still has it's place as it gives such wonderful images - plus I like processing the film - I always enjoyed the darkroom experience.

Lenny was kind enough to share both his old film SLR camera history, and his digital camera history.

Strictly speaking, we're aiming to have just the digital cameras here, but Lenny's other submission just doesn't make sense without us posting this one.

Hope you all understand!

You can see Lenny's digital camera post here

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