Pentax K100D (have previously had digital compacts)

by Lenny

(I read the question wrong and spoke about my first film slr! (sorry)

I only brought this digital SLR a year an a half ago - I couldn't really afford anything else at the time - I plan to buy the K20D soon.

my first digital camera was £185 fuji compact (can't remember the name) and it was 2mp... my mobile phone is more than that now!!
I can't believe I paid that much for it - my current compact was £50 and it is 8mp.

Thanks Lenny for this post. We've added your original film post to the site too, as this submission just didn't make sense without it.

We too are constantly astonished at both the increase in quality, and decrease in price, that comes from every new generation of digital cameras.

Just makes you wonder what will be available for us digital photographers in years to come.

Mouth-watering prospect!

Thanks for the submission,


You can see Lenny's original film post here

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