Old House

by Shannan Cates
(Evans, Louisianan, US)

Old House

Old House

I am a newbie, I really enjoy taking pics. Took these this weekend.

On the way to our camp at the river this old homeplace is in a pasture. I was hoping to show the beauty in "old things"

Took some of the river and sandbar.

Then on the way home stopped by a neighbors pond.

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I really like this set of images, and someone has clearly spent some time on making them look just right!

The collages are lovely, but if I'm going to be a little fussy here I personally don't like writing on photos.

A small note in the corner of a photo I think is ok, but I feel the "Sabine River" on the sand dunes is too much. It takes my eye away from the actual picture.

But back to the pictures – lovely! I like the concept of a theme here that has been followed through in each image. It's interesting as just the other day I mentioned the concept of a theme running through pictures. This is a good example of what I was trying to say, so thank you very much for your submission Shannan.

If I'm being completely honest, much as I like the collages, I really like the single photo of the old house. The colours and light are absolutely superb!

If I could offer a tip for improving the overall look of this set of images I would prefer to see the main photo in each of the collages as one wide scene, and the smaller photos close ups.

As an example, take the second picture "The Pond". I like the main picture, but I think the three smaller images would be better if there was an image of just one or two colourful leaves, then a picture of some interesting bark patterns and finally a close up of a reflection.

By having wide scenes in small inset images I find myself squinting to try to see more of it.

Overall though, very nice set of images, well done!

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