Nature's Dark Side

by Mark Girouard
(Westminster, Ma)

This photo was shot on a warm November day. The actual picture has some nice red, brown, and green color to it, but the cloudy sky just didn't do it for me.

I played with the hue and contrast, and kept several copies that I liked which show the same picture looking quite different.

I like this one the most as it has taken a very tranquil shot and made it look almost evil.

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Oooh, it certainly does have a certain creepy quality about it - all very Blair Witch!

And converting the photo to black and white really adds to that creepiness too.

Just a thought, adding a little grain to the photo might add even more to the atmosphere. This can be easily done using almost any image editing software.

Generally there will be a "filter" menu somewhere and from this there will most likely be an option to "add noise".

This is how it works in Photoshop but software varies. Instead of noise it might be called "speckle" or might just be "grain".

Either way I reckon it could make this black and white photo a real picture of creepiness!

Thanks for the submission Mark, and be careful when you're out in the woods . . . !

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