Lemon Water

I shot it in my living room with the sun shining in the window.

I wanted to capture the bubbles and get the appearance of a cool glass of water being poured as a service for some thirsty soul.

I've had those days before, when, at a loose end, and with a camera in hand, I've started taking photos of all sorts of things.

My most recent endeavour was of the brick wall in our garden.

It was a slow day, and I probably should have been doing something more productive, but instead I found myself staring at the wall.

But here's the thing, I wasn't just staring into space, I was wondering how it looked from this angle, from that angle, black and white ... I was actually thinking photography (even though my wife insists I was simply daydreaming!).

The result - well, it's not going to find itself hanging on the wall any-time soon, but it wasn't a bad stab at creative photography.

So I feel for this poster's dilemma - not sure what to take a photo of, have a look around, tap, water, sunshine ... hang on a moment, get the camera!

And, to be honest, the result isn't too bad.

I think there are a few tweaks that could create something a little more though ... have a look at my edited version above.

There are only two things I did - cropped the photo so that the glass was more central (I felt the space on the left of the original was a bit distracting).

And the second thing I did was go for it with the sharpening - I used the unsharp tool to the max!

Generally the unsharp tool is used to add a hint of sharpness. But push it right up and you get an interesting, almost HDR photography (High Dynamic Range) look and feel about it.

I'm looking at it now, and can quite imagine it for sale, in a larger version, in somewhere like Ikea.

So, well done to take a creative look at the ordinary, and I hope that the two tweaks have given you a couple of ideas to spruce up other photos.

Thanks for the submission,


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