Learning Digital Photography

Learning film photography, and learning digital photography, are not all that different in practice It's really a question of techniques and capabilities of the equipment.

Before getting into that, a quick word on the demise of film photography.

The fun "instant" cameras that, for a long while, were provided free at every wedding I seemed to go to, are being produced in smaller and smaller numbers.

It is also getting incredibly difficult to find laboratories and other companies that can process canister film.

The reasons, certainly now when we look back, are obvious
  • There used to be a fixed number of "shots" on each roll - modern memory cards are virtually limitless
  • Memory cards are so cheap, film can't compete on cost
  • You can see you photos straight away!

Learning how to take photos...

...is still something that inspires people.

Sure, we can all snap away with our cameras, even our phones, but it's rare to get so many really great photos by just snap, snap, snapping away.

So, it is not all that surprising to know that millions of people still want to learn basic photography principles and procedures.

And they are lucky because there are literally thousands of resources for doing just that all over the internet. What a great age for photographers to be living in!

And learning from home is so easy

You can easily and quickly learn photography from home through experiments with your digital camera.

In fact, that's probably the first and most important lesson of them all - in order to learn photography basics, you have to get out and take pictures (practice makes perfect!).

This is the reason that so many of the tutorials involve field work and assignments for budding photographers to do.

Of course the many websites, articles and tutorials available are not limited just to the millions of enthusiastic consumers or amateur photographers.

And if you're lucky enough to have a DSLR...

In case you were wondering, A DSLR is a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera that operates in much the same way as a traditional 35mm camera, but without the need for film.

DSLRs can also accept lenses and flash units to perform all of the same tasks of film cameras, and to a much higher level of quality when compared to compact digital cameras.

Learning photography in the modern world also involves understanding how to handle the photographic files how to edit them. Yep, these days pressing the shutter button is just the start of the process.

When you learn the digital photography basics you're bound to come across software like Photoshop. This emables you to learn about improving the appearance of your photos, formatting them for printing, and even adding creative filters or elements that can make an "average" image a real work of art.

Modern technology allows you to learn photography from home, and also how to perform many of the most advanced and complicated processes as well.

These beginners photography articles will point you in the right direction...:

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