Kodak DC200

by Steve Pallotta
(Copley Ohio USA)

Kodak DC200 (1998)

Kodak DC200 (1998)

This was one of the best you could buy for the money (400 bucks) in 1998.

We bought it as an xmas gift for the family, so we could get away from film. We never looked back.

I used this camera to take family group shots at xmas every year until we bought our second camera (another Kodak, 3 megapixle that time) in 2005. We now have a Kodak 12 megapixel.

This camera took 4 AA batteries and ate them like they were candy. The 16 meg memory card cost us 80 bucks at the time. It could hold about 50 pics. We went to las vagas and ran out of room for pictures because we couldnt get any more memory for it at the time.

The photos werent bad considering only one megapixel. It still works today. I even have the original manual and software disk.

Thanks for the post Steve, and good to see that it's still working today.

You never know, one day it might be worth a fair bit!


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