Harvey the Dog!

by Steve J



I like the picture as it captures the essence of this dog. He is always alert, loves water and rarely sits still!

I would love tips for shooting pics of him - you can see that the shadows on the right side of his face mean that you can hardly see his eye. Could this be fixed in Photoshop?

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I hope Steve wasn't standing too close to Harvey when he took this. My experience of wet dogs is that as soon as you are within striking distance they shake themselves off all over you.

I think they plan it. They wait until they can see the whites of your eyes, and then unleash a soaking.

But this is getting a little sidetracked. The photo itself is a nice one, and I have to agree with Steve – the shadow on the dogs face is just too strong. It looks as if he has an eye missing!

There is of course a solution – and it lies in the software. A few tweaks on the shadow/highlight tool can rectify this.

I have actually had a go myself, and you can see the results, along with instructions on how to remove shadows, here.

Aside from the shadow issue there is not really much else I would change on this photo.

Thanks for the submission Steve, and have a go at the tutorial – I think the results will be worth it!


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