Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom

by Andrew Thorpe
(Toowoomba, Australia)

I use this on my business card

I use this on my business card

First affordable digital camera I could use for weddings back in 2000, paid $2,500, good buy at the time, 12 months later they went for $1,200 (Aust) so I got a 2nd one.

Good zoom, 3.5 meg pix, though it took 1/4 second from pressing button to making an image, so not very good at sport, but I did shoot a few hundred weddings with them over 3 years and got an excellent return for my investment.

Still have both cameras in my display cupboard.
Now days I use a Canon 7D.

The Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom came out in 2002 and the Fuji S series started in 1999. They were considered good cameras - I remember using one for studio work!

The sensor had what Fuji called a 'Super CCD' which meant that it could record a wider range of light and shade than most other cameras at the time.

I think one of the best things about the camera was the lens - it had a good size lens on the front that captured a lot of light from the scene.

It also had a 'proper' aperture control which meant you could get good depth of field with it.

One negative was the use of SmartMedia storage cards. These never really caught on and the capacity of the cards never went beyond 128MB - which soon ran out on cameras with larger sensors.

All in all though it was a good camera for it's day.

Thanks for the submission Andrew,


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