Explosive Powder Portrait

by Chris Woodman
(Essex U.K)

I love the unpredictable results when you do this type of photography. She seems unshaken even though an explosion on hot chocolate powder has hit the back of her head.

It makes you stop and look

3 speedlights were used to capture the moment and a black background to enhance the model and explosion

It certainly is a 'striking' image - quite literally!

Photographers often talk about capturing a moment in time. And if that moment is the briefest moment possible, then a whole new world is revealed.

Take Chris' photo here - if you whack a person on the back of the head with a load of powder all the human eye sees is a complete mess.

If you capture the moment of impact, with a fast shutter speed and the aid of some flashguns, the whole thing looks all the more impressive.

If you want to try to capture a moment in time at home, have a look at controlling your shutter speed for creative effects.

The example I used there was a drop of water into a cup - not as impressive as Chris' photo - but a lot less messy!

Thanks for the submission,


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