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Digital photography tutor - February submissions

What Visitors Submitted in February

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Beach Bum  starstarstarstarstar
This shot was taken on a beach in Crete in June 07 using a Pentax Optio S7 Digital.

The shot was a colour shot then converted to B+W.

(For convenience,...

Snow Day  starstarstarstarstar
I wanted to capture the feeling you get, when it first snows and you are looking at a winter wonderland.

(For convenience, all links below open in ...

Pink Flower with droplet  starstarstarstarstar
This photo was captured in my garden after a quick rain. The water was forming a large droplet on the petal and I liked the way the flower stems in the ...

Alappuzha(Kerala , India)  starstarstarstarstar
I was mesmerized by the beauty and the greenery of the place. The greenery refreshed my mind. I was travelling in a boat through the backwaters of the ...

tree   starstarstarstarstar
I was hoping to capture the mood of the place

When I first glanced this submission I was attracted by the strong colours and the silhouette.

At ...

Wifes left foot  starstarstarstarstar
This shot was taken in Crete as part of a group of body parts.

I love the B + W effect.

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Graceful Swan  starstarstarstarstar
I was hoping to capture some exciting moments while the swans were swimming in a pond, and I think I got a great outcome.

Wildlife photography can ...

Patience (In Color)  starstarstarstarstar
Thought I would send you the colour version of "Patience" too. So people could see the difference!

Jennifer’s “Patience” was a photo submission from ...

Horses and a Car  starstarstarstar
I just saw this unusual scene and took a picture of it. At home, however, I "tortured" Photoshop until it looked like as I wanted.

The original version ...

Night time in Florida  starstarstarstar
Sea Towers condos - Madeira Bch, FL

Nikon D40
2008/02/15 19:11:32.6
JPEG (8-bit) Normal
Image Size: Large (3008 x 2000)
Lens: 18-55mm F/3....

Busy Bee  starstarstarstar
I was sitting in our garden and I heard lots and lots of buzzing.

I eventually found the source - lots and lots of bees had found our honeysuckle and ...

Evening by the River Thames  starstarstar
This is a picture taken by the River Thames early evening. I wanted to create an evening atmosphere

The Thames makes for great subject matter, especially ...

St Abbs Bollard  Not rated yet
This shot of a bollard was taken at a little harbour called St Abbs (on the English/Scottish border) on a cold Sunday afternoon. I liked the rusty ancient ...

Yellow flower  Not rated yet
Just wanted to capture a beautiful flower.

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Flowers remain one of the more popular photography ...

model in beach  Not rated yet
I want this photo to be fashionable picture.

I know the feeling . . . you're on holiday, the scenery is stunning, and you want a photograph to record ...

Summer Flowers  Not rated yet
I like to walk around my backyard and take photos of the flowers in my gardens and I thought this single one had something special to it.

This is ...

The forgotten coal wagon  Not rated yet
The neglect of long ago at my most favourite place.

Michael’s composition here is one of those classic photography studies – the old, rusty and decaying ...

Tuscany in Autumn  Not rated yet
This was a beautiful vista,

I wanted to get the idea of the hayfield against the backdrop of the mountain range.

Tony has spotted a wonderful ...

my bees  Not rated yet
These are Egyptian bees nearby National Museum.

Having some free minutes before getting in I tried to capture something. Being in a hurry that was ...

Sao Gonçalo Shopping Rio  Not rated yet
That's the shopping mall of Sao Gonçalo, RJ, where I live.

I haven't planned to take a picture of it, but when I was coming back to the car in the ...

a girl  Not rated yet
It was the play yard at the hotel, and I was watching her playing and trying to catch best moments.

I like the way she looks.

Children playing ...

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