Digital photography resources

The digital photography resources you'll find on this page represent the best available for digital photographers - from home users to experienced amateurs.

Digital Photography Resources - Digital Photography Ebooks:

Sometimes it's just nice to print out an ebook, and curl up on the sofa with it. There are thousands of digital photography ebooks on the internet; I have only recommended ebooks that are of genuine value here.

Getting started with digital photography
This guide is packed full of tips to get you started with digital photography. And best of all, it's completely free!
Getting started with Photoshop
Learning Photoshop takes some time. This guide will help you get started. And it's free! (if only more photography resources were!)
Digital Photography Secrets There's a lot of promotion here before you actually get to the book. But it's not necessary - As a digital photography resource David's book doesn't need a fanfare! It's a touch pricey - but, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Read a full review of the Digital Photography Secrets ebook
The Complete Digital SLR Guide The most comprehensive guide to digital photographers - written with Digital SLR owners in mind, but invaluable to all digital photographers.

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Digital Photography Resources - Digital Photography Software:

Pixlr In times gone buy I used to recommend various image editing software. But things have moved on, and now, if all you need are a few quick fixes, I can only really recommend Pixlr.

The reasons? It's free (can't be bad!), it's online (so you don't need to install anything), and it works just like Photoshop so if you ever move up to Photoshop it will all look familiar to you.
Canva I've just come across this free graphic design software. It's aimed more towards producing top-notch flyers or web design, rather than just sprucing up your photos.

As with Pixlr, it's absolutely free (but you do need to sign up - Facebook or email options available (I went for email)) and offers a simple user interface.

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Digital Photography Resources - Digital Photography Websites:

I have personally used the sites you see here and can vouch for their quality. The aim of this page is to represent only resources of value to the digital photographer. (links will open in new windows)

Digital Photography Review Originally run by Phil Askey, but since sold, dpreview has been going since 1998. In recent times it could be argued that there is now too much emphasis on sales, but the forums are still pretty healthy and the section on camera specs is incredibly detailed.
Steve's Digicams Steve's Digicams also started in 1998, by Steve Sanders. You'll find the current digital photography news here, reviews of equipment, and good discussion forums. This site was set up by Philip Greenspun a few years ago and has grown into a vast resource for digital photography. Has some really useful video clips to help you learn about photography.