by Trevor Riddle
(Plains, Montana)

Shot this with my Canon Rebel T3, right after I bought it, I was just having fun. I think it turned out pretty nice, I enjoy this photograph alot. Was trying to experiment with different settings and D.O.F.

You've definitely got the hang of the depth of field here, and the rule of thirds too - well done!

For those who are unsure as to what all this means...depth of field means "how much of the scene is in focus".

In Trevor's photo it's the bird box in the foreground and nothing else. We call this a shallow depth of field.

If the whole scene was in focus (background too) we would have a long depth of field. The reason to use a shallow depth of field is to isolate the subject from its background.

And it works well here!

The rule of thirds? This means placing the focal points of a picture off centre to give the scene better balance.

Think of a tic-tac-toe grid laid over your picture. The focal points should go on the lines of the grid, not in the central square.

Click for more on depth of field and more on the rule of thirds

Now I wonder, what's going to pop out of that box...?

Thanks Trevor for the submission.


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