Another Day at The Office

by Troy Adams
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

This shot was taken in our front yard one afternoon

I love to photograph moving objects and this group of bees caught my eye - along with its colour the sunflower accents the bee and its natural tone.

I used a Sony DSLR with a Macro filter

No cropping or photoshopping has been done - this is the natural shot.

What a busy bee!

Well done to use macro here. For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know what "macro" means it basically means close up.

Strictly speaking it means more than that. It means the image is created life size (or bigger) on the image sensor.

Bearing in mind the image sensor on a DSLR is about the size of a postage stamp there is not much that can fit life size onto it. One bee perhaps, but not much else.

As the years have rolled by macro has come to mean close up rather than genuine life size.

One important thing to remember with close ups like this is that the depth of field is very shallow.

This means that anything just a little in front of, or a little behind the area of focus will be blurry. With this in mind a steady hand is needed!

Like the shot Troy; thanks for the submission.


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