A road in the Jungle

by Utkarsh
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Jungle Road

Jungle Road

I had gone to visit a jungle in western India during my holidays.

This picture is of a pathway created by the tyre marks of the Cars (Safari Jeeps) that carry the tourists inside.

I wanted to take a picture that would look like a good wallpaper in my room.

Taking scenic photos is always a tricky one. The problem is that while you are out there, enjoying the scenery, all your senses are at work.

You are hearing the rustle of leaves, smelling the surroundings, and of course studying the scenery with your eyes.

The problem is, when you look at a photograph, only your eyes are at work. And they are only working in 2D mode.

I actually like Utkarsh's photograph a lot. I like the way the road leads us into the jungle. It's always good to get lead in lines into a photograph, and the road here works wonders for that.

But there is something that could have been done to this scene to lift it – and add the 3D-ness back too! It's called "stereography".

Stereography involves taking two photographs at the scene – one as if it were taken through the right eye, and one taken through the left eye.

Later, the two photographs are swapped over in image editing software (i.e. The "right eye" image goes on the left of the photo, and visa versa).

Viewing the photos later takes a little practice, but the results are well worth it! You will be presented with a 3D scene, much closer to the one you experienced when you actually took the photograph.

Here are some links that explain stereography a little more:

Thanks Utkarsh for sharing your jungle photo ,


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