Windblown Flower

by Kelly

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This picture was taken along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington. A beautiful backpacking trip.

In this photo my main objective was having the sky as by backdrop which is no easy task when you have a 30 pound backpack strapped in place.

Thanks, Kelly.

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I love it! I particularly love the positioning of the cloud in the background that whisps away almost as if it's coming from the plant itself.

Good job to get low down and close to the flower - and with that backpack on it can't have been easy! Getting in close can really make a difference.

I think the deep blue sky creates a wonderful backdrop to this photo too. Imagine the same shot on a cloudy day...nowhere near as appealing!

I don't actually know much about the Pacific Crest Trail but I'll put it on my list of places to visit and photograph.

Thanks for the submission Kelly, and I hope the hike wasn't too arduous,

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