Williamsburg Steeple & Lamp post

by Roy
(Opelika, AL)

While touring colonial Williamsburg, VA with my family, I noticed this steeple against the brilliant blue sky.

At first the lamp post was not in my line of sight, so I moved around to get it in the frame. I hoped to give the photo some depth, and improve the "interest" factor by including the lamp in the photo.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Someone has certainly been enjoying clear blue skies!

This is a really good attempt at making a photo that is a little different to the 'identikit' photos of places.

The secret here is to choose a more interesting shooting angle that separates the scene out from all the other tourist photos.

And well done to Roy for finding such an angle!

It's a nice scene, so what could be done to improve it?

First of all, it's sideways on. Not sure if that's just the way the photo was uploaded, or if it was intentional.

I think this photo needs to stand tall – make it portrait. Then we would see that towering steeple in the right perspective.

Getting the lamp post in was a real touch of genius. It is usually a good thing to include some foreground interest in photos like this.

The only thing I would suggest on that point would have been to try to get some separation between the lamp and the steeple.

Because the lamp overlaps the steeple they blend into one another to a certain degree.

If Roy has stepped to the right just a little it would have separated out these two elements of the photo and would give an even better impression of depth.

All in all though this is a nice, well though out, photo.

Thanks Roy for the submission, and I hope there are a couple of useful tips here.


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