web sparkles

by Renata
(Lincolnshire, UK)

Web Sparkles

Web Sparkles

I love going out into the garden after the rain. There are so many reflections and sparkles.

I had been watching the spiders building their webs and after the rain I saw them shimmering and knew I had to try to capture the image.

I took the picture on my Sony H2 and then followed the Photoshop channel mixer tip given on the website to convert it to black and white.

By taking away the distracting greens and browns of the plants, the focus is on the spider and how the droplets on the web look like beads on a string.

Its like focusing on a separate world.

This is certainly an unusual subject for black and white photography – but it just seems to work somehow!

Well done Renata to use the channel mixer. This does give the flexibility to increase or decrease the strength of specific colours in the final black and white picture.

Thanks Renata for the submission.


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