Water Street

by Laurie B.
(Belleville, Ontario, Canada)

This picture was taken on a VERY cold day in Peterborough, Ontario.

As I was running back to the car before I permanently lost my fingertips, I took this shot in colour.

The image was awful.

When I got home, I converted it to black and white, did a big crop, and sharpened the image. I increased the contrast, which I think made the unusual lamp globes stand out better. I also used the clone brush to remove a very ugly air conditioning unit from the top of the building.

I like the 1920's feel of the picture, as well as the diagonals. Had I taken some time, I might have played with the depth of field to make the building in the background not quite so focused.

I am very new (less than a month) to photography, and I'm really enjoying going out to find interesting shots....if only the weather was a bit warmer!

NB - I have had to resize this photo to submit, and I'm afraid it has lost some of its sharpness in transit.

Lovely black and white photo Laurie - and even more impressive considering you're new to photography!

Sorry we can't do much about the size reduction for the web. It's just the nature of the internet. Too many large files just slows the whole thing down.

Thanks for the submission,


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