walking the path

by Ryan Cassidy
(Derby, Ks)

Lil’Jack and Mickinzee

Lil’Jack and Mickinzee

I have worked with these kids in a number of shoots. This shot is one of the first ones that I ever took of them and to date is still my favorite.

They are brother and sister and have since grown up a little bit. But still love to shoot photos together.

I was just going through the archives here, deleting some old submissions, and this one stuck out like a sore thumb. How did I miss this photo when it was first submitted???

I love this photo. I think it helps if you're a parent yourself - can't help but go "ahhhhh..." at the sight of a brother and sister walking hand in hand.

But what's especially good is the way the path weaves into the photo too. Gives the whole scene a real sense of depth.

I also like the way Ryan has positioned the children on the bottom right, giving them space to 'walk into' the picture.

If you crop a photo too close, and don't give your subject room to move, they can seem squashed in.

I also like the way the tree in the top left has been left in. It makes me wonder what's just beyond that tree? And how far are the children walking? And where are they going to?

A little bit of mystery in photos like this always helps pull the viewer in. A useful technique is to not show the whole scene, but leave something to the imagination.

Thanks for the submission Ryan, and apologies for not adding it to the site sooner.


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