by theresa
(algonac, mi, usa)

lovely Lillian

lovely Lillian

This photo is of a little girl playing out side. she is a vibrant enthusiastic child and I wanted to get a photo that would make the people who view it see more than just a little girl on a truck.

I wanted them to experience it with her understanding her simple enjoyment feeling her laughter.

I want my photography to stand out and help people to notice things they might miss - just a simple point and click method of shooting.

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by: Pawbla

Well, maybe by point-and-shoot you're missing the methods you could use to make your message stronger.

Being slightly closer (and not cutting off part of the truck, it produces tension in the zone) would make the photo a lot better.

Also, you could've raised the camera a bit (actully, changing the angle, which is a bit of a problem right now...) to eliminate the overexposed sky.

Framing her on the left upper zone (which would look a bit awkward, but you can crop it afterwards) would've removed most of the ugly sky.

Ugly sky happens to all of us, but we should try to avoid it ;). Also I'd have moved a bit to the side, to avoid that post sticking out of her head.

Another option would've been making it a portrait, or something else which I can't quite describe.

I can upload a re-frame to show you, if you wish.

Just my opinion.

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