The witness

by Falze Rabbi
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

This is a picture I have taken over the hill top on the bank of river Karnaphuli situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The building was built by the British when they ruled our land. It was used for port purpose.

The Brits left our land 65 years ago, but this building is still standing with its melancholy physique as if a lonely witness still standing to tell forgone stories of the deteriorated British Empire.

There's something about old empty buildings that exude an air of mystique about them.

When there really is a story about them (as is the case here) it increases the effect even more. And for some reason doing the whole thing in black and white also seems to help!

I believe there is a hydroelectric power plant on the River Karnaphuli. Interesting that something so modern sits on the same river as this fine old building.

Nice photo Falze, and thanks for the submission.


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